About Us

On this planet earth, life is not by a mistake. But it's a systematic, well organized, wonderful creation and assembly by nature. Humans are lost in the interest of man-made technological advances leading no time to think about this beautifully crafted biodiversity. Making it worse, we have almost forgotten about millions of living species we share this sophisticated atmosphere with. Whether we are aware or not, reality is that life of all species including us are interconnected with that of each other and after all, we would not be able to live without them.

Suppose, imagine the importance of fish and seafood to our daily meals, so do the importance of corals and life in the ocean. Can we imagine the importance of vegetables, fruits and all for our daily nutrition, so do the importance of trees and vegetation. Maybe it's not too late decide whether we need to cut them down or let them grow.

We, Maldives Biodiversity Association of Maldives takes initiative to make people educate on life in this beautiful paradise and to maintain them for future generations to come. Traditional environment friendly pole fishing techniques are replacing with that of easy but with devastating effects to life in the ocean. If we do not, who else would come to line it up on the right track?

Having above taken into account, we are eager to develop a database of living species in the Maldives and the journey has already began with our capable and dedicated team of young professionals. Gathering information of all living species on the land and in the ocean (in Maldives), converting this information into a categorized online reference library is considered an immense operation rather an overnight dream. Letting everyone interested to participate on board is our concept and bringing in results is not a question because there is no second choice.