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Curtain fig   

Common Name: Chinese banyan, Laurel fig, Indian laurel
Scientific Name: Ficus microcarpa
Local Name: -
Dhivehi Name: -
Plantae  (Kingdom)
Tracheophyta  (Plylum)
Magnoliopsida  (Class)
Rosales  (Order)
Moraceae  (Family)
Ficus   (Genus)

Curtain fig's description

Curtain fig is an evergreen, small or medium-sized banyan tree with a dense, spreading crown; it can grow up to 25 metres tall and develope numerous slender aerial roots from the branches.

Curtain fig habitat

This species is very variable in habit, often shrubs when young and in maturity spreading evergreen trees (CABI Invasive Species Compendium 2019).

Curtain fig's status