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Rosy Spurge   

Common Name: Rosy Spurge
Scientific Name: Euphorbia rosea Retz
Local Name: Maakiruthona
Dhivehi Name: މާކިރުތޮނަ
Plantae  (Kingdom)
Tracheophyta  (Plylum)
Magnoliopsida  (Class)
Malpighiales  (Order)
Euphorbiaceae  (Family)
Euphorbia   (Genus)

Rosy Spurge's description

Description: Prostrate or ascending herbs with woody root stock, stem reddish. Leaves opposite, subsessile, 3-10×2-4.5 mm, obliquely obovate or oblanceolate-oblong, base truncate or cuneate, apex obtuse or
rounded, margins crenulate, coriaceous. Cyathia few in subterminal, lax clusters, rarely solitary in upper axils. Involucre subcampanulate; lobes triangular-ovate,
3-5-fi d; glands 4, appendage unequal, rose coloured. Male fl orets 4-6, bracteolate.
Female fl orets laterally pendulous. Styles deeply 2-fi d; stigma spathulate. Capsule ca. 2.5 mm across; seeds keeled.

Rosy Spurge's Behavior & Ecology

Occurrence in Maldives: Occasional in forest areas.