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Black jack   

Common Name: Black trevally, Black kingfish, Coal fish, Black ulua
Scientific Name: Caranx lugubris
Local Name: Kalha handhi
Dhivehi Name: ކަޅަހަނދި
Animalia  (Kingdom)
Chordata  (Plylum)
Teleostei  (Class)
Perciformes  (Order)
Carangidae  (Family)
Caranx   (Genus)

Black jack's description

The black jack (Caranx lugubris) is a species of large ocean fish in the jack family Carangidae. 

Distinctive Characters: First dorsal fin with 8 spines, second dorsal fin with 1 spine and 20-22 rays. Anal fin with 2 detached spines, followed by 1 spine and 16-19 rays. Lobe of dorsal fin relatively long. Breast completely scaled. Profile of head relatively steep and regular.

Colour: Body and fins mostly uniform grey to black. A small dark spot at upper end of opercle, and scutes often black.


Black jack's facts

Did you know?

  • Caranx lugubris is most likely to be confused with C. ignobilis from which it can be distinguished by its darker colouration, head profile and completely scaled breast.


Black jack habitat

Caranx lugubris is uncommon in shallow waters, and usually occurs in depths of 24-65 m or deeper, mostly in clear waters. This species is sometimes observed near drop-offs at outer edge reefs. It occasionally forms schools and primarily feeds on fishes (Fischer et al. 1990, Smith 1997). There is little information available on early life history characteristics. Prey items primarily consist of fish. The maximum recorded size of this species is 90 cm fork length (FL), but it is common to 70 cm FL (Smith-Vaniz 2002). No juveniles have been identified (B. Smith-Vaniz pers. comm. 2012). The all-tackle IGFA world angling record is 17.9 kg (Smith-Vaniz FAO ECA Guide in prep).

Black jack threats

There are no major threats known for this species and there are no indications at present time of regional declines from harvesting.

Black jack's status