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Common Name: Chocolate-dip Chromis
Scientific Name: Chromis dimidiata
Local Name: Ehkibadhon nilamehi
Dhivehi Name: އެއްކިބަދޮން ނިލަމެހި
Animalia  (Kingdom)
Chordata  (Plylum)
Teleostei  (Class)
Perciformes  (Order)
Pomacentridae  (Family)
Chromis   (Genus)

Chocolatedip chromis's description

Distinctive Characters: Dorsal fin with 12 spines and 11-12 (usually 12) rays. Anal fin with 2 spines and 12 rays. Pectoral rays 15-17. Body depth 2.0-2.1 in standard length. Upper and lower edges of caudal fin base with two small spines. Suborbital bones scaled, their lower edges smooth. Preopercular margin smooth. Caudal fin forked, the lobe tips with two filamentous rays.
Colour: Head and anterior half of body dark brown, becoming abruptly white posteriorly. A black spot at base of pectoral fins.

Chocolatedip chromis habitat

Chromis dimidiata inhabits lagoon and seaward reefs in depths between about 1-35 m, where it feeds on zooplankton. It is abundant, in large aggregations over reef tops and the upper edges of slopes (Lieske and Myers 1994). It is usually seen solitary in reefs, staying close to the substrate in depths of about 10 m (Kuiter and Tonozuka 2001).

Chocolatedip chromis threats

This species is occasionally found in the aquarium trade.

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