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Common Name: Pale anemone hermit crab
Scientific Name: Dardanus deformis
Local Name: -
Dhivehi Name: -
Animalia  (Kingdom)
Arthropoda  (Plylum)
Malacostraca  (Class)
Decapoda  (Order)
Diogenidae  (Family)
Dardanus   (Genus)

Pale anemone hermit 's description

The pale anemone hermit (Dardanus deformis) is a species of nocturnal hermit crab that is found in the Indo-Pacific.

Pale anemone hermit 's facts

Did you know?

  • The species is known to transfer sea anemones from one shell to another when it moves to a different shell.

Pale anemone hermit 's Behavior & Ecology

Found under dead corals in lagoons, commonly with anemones also in intertidal areas with reef platforms and on sand and coral rubble.

Pale anemone hermit 's Reproduction

Members of the order Decapoda are mostly gonochoric. Mating behavior: Precopulatory courtship ritual is common (through olfactory and tactile cues); usually indirect sperm transfer.

Pale anemone hermit habitat