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Common Name: Black-flag sandperch
Scientific Name: Parapercis signata
Local Name: Kalhu kothari alathandu
Dhivehi Name: ކަޅުކޮތަރި އަލަތަނޑު
Animalia  (Kingdom)
Chordata  (Plylum)
Teleostei  (Class)
Perciformes  (Order)
Pinguipedidae  (Family)
Parapercis   (Genus)

Blackflag sandperch's description

Distinctive Characters: Dorsal fin with 5 spines and 21 rays. Anal fin with 1 spine and 14-22 rays. Pelvic fins well separated.
Colour: Spinous portion black with a deep red margin. A series of 8 short dusky bars on back, six of which are linked to black spots basically in soft dorsal fin. A series of 9 broad orange bars on lower side.

Blackflag sandperch habitat

The Blackflag Sandperch is found on open rubble/muddy substrates, close to coral reefs.  It feeds on small invertebrates and fish.  There is evidence to suggest that this fish is a protogynous hermaphrodite, with the two smallest paratypes being female and the larger three male (Randall 1984).  This species is found to a depth of 50 m (P. Heemstra pers. comm. 2009).

Blackflag sandperch threats

There is no known major threat processes affecting the Blackflag Sandperch.

Blackflag sandperch's status