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Common Name: Violet soldierfish
Scientific Name: Myripristis violacea
Local Name: Vailet dhanbodu
Dhivehi Name: ވައިލެޓުދަންބޮޑު
Animalia  (Kingdom)
Chordata  (Plylum)
Beryciformes  (Order)
Holocentridae  (Family)
Myripristis   (Genus)

Lattice soldierfish's description

Lattice soldierfish (Myripristis violacea) is a species of fish in the soldierfish family found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Lattice soldierfish habitat

Myripristris violacea is a coral reef species that occurs in lagoons and semi-protected seaward reefs rich in corals. This species is common near arborescent Acropora or layered Porites rus corals, other leafy live corals, under ledges, in channels between dead corals, alone, in small groups and sometimes with other Myripristis spp. It feeds on plankton such a crab larvae (Randall 1984). The maximum recorded size for this species is 35 cm (Kuiter and Tonozuka 2001).

Lattice soldierfish threats

Whilst this species is associated with coral reef habitat, it is not entirely dependent on corals for its survival. There are no known major threats to this species at present.

Lattice soldierfish's status