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Firecracker plant   

Common Name: Fountainbush, Firecracker plant, Coral plant, Coral fountain, Coralblow and Fountain plant
Scientific Name: Russelia equisetiformis
Local Name: Badikulhi
Dhivehi Name: ބަޑިކުޅި
Plantae  (Kingdom)
Tracheophyta  (Plylum)
Magnoliopsida  (Class)
Lamiales  (Order)
Plantaginaceae  (Family)
Russelia   (Genus)

Firecracker plant's description

Firecracker plant is a weeping shrub bursting with long sprays of orange-red flowers that lend it its name. Other common names include firecracker plant, fountainbush, coral plant, coral fountain, coralblow and fountain plant. The narrow, tubular flowers are about 1 in (2.5 cm) long and cover the plant from late spring till fall. Actually, it can flower any time of year, given enough warmth and light that is why this plant is culivated as an ornamental plant. You'll get the most blooms by putting it in full sun. Moving it outdoors for the summer is ideal. It's attractive to passersby as well as to butterflies and birds. This is a frost-tender plant. In fact, it doesn't do well in cold temperatures, Will grow in both moist and slightly dry conditions but requires full sunlight

Firecracker plant's facts

Did you know?

  • Firecracker plant doesn't do well in cold temperatures.
  • Do occasional pruning to flower well.

Firecracker plant's Relationship with Humans

Russelia equisetiformis is culivated as an ornamental plant.