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Granular sea star   

Common Name: Big-Plated Sea Star, Doughboy Starfish
Scientific Name: Choriaster granulatus
Local Name: -
Dhivehi Name: -
Animalia  (Kingdom)
Echinodermata  (Plylum)
Asteroidea  (Class)
Valvatida  (Order)
Oreasteridae  (Family)
Choriaster   (Genus)

Granular sea star's description

Granular sea star (Choriaster granulatus) is a large sea star with a convex body and five short arms. The maximum growth radius is about 27 cm. It is a pale pink color with brown papillae in the center.

Granular sea star's facts

Did you know?

  • Granular sea star (Choriaster granulatus) is harmless to humans.

Granular sea star's Behavior & Ecology

Inhabits reefs at depths of 5 to 40 cm. Exposed on open substrates. Found in sandy habitats, among corals and sponges.

Granular sea star's Feeding

Feeds on coral polyps and other small invertebrates as well as carrion. 

Granular sea star's Reproduction

Members of the class Asteroidea exhibit both asexual (regeneration and clonal) and sexual (gonochoric) means of reproduction. Life cycle: Embryos hatch into planktonic larvae and later metamorphose into pentamorous juveniles which develop into young sea stars with stubby arms.

Granular sea star habitat