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Common Name: Red Claw Cuapetes Shrimp, Thin-arm Shrimp
Scientific Name: Cuapetes tenuipes
Local Name: -
Dhivehi Name: -
Animalia  (Kingdom)
Arthropoda  (Plylum)
Malacostraca  (Class)
Decapoda  (Order)
Palaemonidae  (Family)
Cuapetes   (Genus)

Red claw cuapetes shrimp's description

Transparent shrimp species with a long rostrum and orange-tipped chelipeds. The rostrum has 8-10 spines on the upper side, white line connecting the eyes.

Red claw cuapetes shrimp's Behavior & Ecology

It is a free living species, holes, crevices,  or under ledges and often found in intertidal pools but also found on anemones and bubble coral (Plerogyra), in a large depth range of 1-160 meters.

Red claw cuapetes shrimp's Reproduction

Members of the order Decapoda are mostly gonochoric, sperm transfer is indirect usually through copulation. Precopulatory courtship ritual is common. Fertilization is usually external but may be internal.

Red claw cuapetes shrimp habitat