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Yellowfin goatfish   

Common Name: Banded Goatfish, Golden Banded Goatfish, Goldenstripe goatfish, Gold-striped Goat-fish, Yellowfin Goatfish, Yellowstripe Goatfish, Yellow-stripe Goatfish
Scientific Name: Mulloidichthys vanicolensis
Local Name: -
Dhivehi Name: -
Animalia  (Kingdom)
Chordata  (Plylum)
Teleostei  (Class)
Perciformes  (Order)
Mullidae  (Family)
Mulloidichthys   (Genus)

Yellowfin goatfish's description

The yellowfin goatfish (Mulloidichthys vanicolensis) is a species of goatfish native to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Short description - Dorsal spines (total): 8; Dorsal soft rays (total): 9; Anal spines: 1; Anal soft rays: 7. Back red-orange, sides and belly whitish; yellow longitudinal band present; no dark blotch on under middle of 1st dorsal fin. All fins yellow. Head length 2.9-3.4 in SL, length of snout 2.2.-2.6 and barbel 1.2-1.5 in HL. Body depth 3.4-4.5 in SL.

Max length : 38.0 cm TL male/unsexed; common length : 25.0 cm TL male/unsexed;

Yellowfin goatfish habitat

This species inhabits sandy bottoms of reef flats, lagoons, coastal and seaward reefs, generally in deeper waters than Mulloidichthys flavolineatus (Randall 1999). It has also been recorded in seagrass beds (Berkstr√∂m et al. 2012). It is benthopelagic (Living and feeding near the bottom as well as in midwaters or near the surface). It is found in large, inactive aggregations by day in coral reefs, dispersing to sand flats to feed at night. Sometimes it mixes with Lutjanus kasmira and shows blue stripes. It feeds on small worms and crustaceans (Mundy 2005, Lieske and Myers 1994), ophiurids, small molluscs, heart urchins, and foraminifera.  Maximum size recorded is 38 cm TL (Randall 1999). At Aqaba in the Red Sea, this species spawns from between June and August (Wahbeh 1992). Both males and females reach maturity at 24 cm SL (Jehangeer 2003)

Yellowfin goatfish threats

Significant declines from fishing are not suspected at this time. There are no other known major threats to this species.

Yellowfin goatfish's status