Launaea sarmentosa

Launaea sarmentosa is a creeping, herbaceous, perennial plant producing several branched stems 20 - 90cm tall. The plant grows from a taproot with a trailing shoot bearing lateral roots, with new s...


Little ironweed

Little ironweed (Cyanthillium cinereum) is a species of perennial plants in the sunflower family. It is a fast-growing, annual herb with the capacity to form dense patches in gardens, roadside...


Beach sunflower

Beach daisy is a hardy and somewhat woody, sprawling perennial herb or subshrub. Stems are elongate and branched; they can reach up to 2 m but will bend after reaching a certain height. It can scra...


Hairy beggarticks

Bidens pilosa is an annual forb of gracile habit, growing up to 1.8 meters tall. It grows aggressively on disturbed land and often becomes weedy. The leaves are oppositely arranged and pinnate in f...


False daisy

False daisy is a species of plant in the sunflower family. It is widespread across much of the world.

Erect herbs; stems appressed, strigose. Leaves simple, opposite, 1-3×0.20.5 cm, obl...