Cork wood tree

A small- to medium- sized sized evergreen, upright tree that grows up to 30 metres. Trunk is straight and short. Young branches are somewhat shiny and green in colour with the leaves often crowned ...



Valued worldwide for its ornamental properties, the oleander (Nerium oleander) grows as a distinctive shrub or small tree, with characteristically bright, showy flowers.

It is a perennial, ev...


Madagascar periwinkle

One of the major medical breakthroughs of the last century utilises compounds derived from a popular ornamental plant found in gardens and homes across the world, the Madagascar periwinkle. It is a...


Bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet is an evergreen species of Plumeria native to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. It is a shrub which usually has one or two slender trunks that branch close to the ground forming a dens...


Giant Milkweed

It is a large shrub and has clusters of waxy flowers that are either white or lavender in colour. Each flower consists of five pointed petals and a small "crown" rising from the center which holds ...